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Travel cuisine
Hommade and fresh product 


Madeleine best restaurant

After a few thousand  kilometers traveled through plains and mountains, seas and deserts, pampas and bayous, Madeleine's faithful moped needed a well-deserved rest.

Madeleine, for her part, wanted to share with us her recipes developed at will  meetings, its traveling restaurant full of spices and beverages, small and great pleasures, tenderness  and smiles.

We, his grandchildren, under his omnipresent gaze, help him spread his dream of good food, cuisine and good restaurants by selecting the best products from here and elsewhere in accordance with his values.

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Restaurant Noyelles Godault

Horaires d'ouverture


Lundi        12h00-14h00     19h00-21h00

Mardi        12h00-14h00    19h00-21h30

Mercredi   12h00-14h00    19h00-21h30

Jeudi          12h00-14h00    19h00-21h30

Vendredi   12h00-14h00    19h00-22h00

Samedi      12h00-14h30    19h00-22h00

Dimanche 12h00-14h30    19h00-21h00


Lundi        12h00-14h00     18h00-23h15

Mardi        12h00-14h00     18h00-23h15

Mercredi   12h00-14h00    18h00-23h15

Jeudi          12h00-14h00    18h00-23h15

Vendredi   12h00-14h00    18h00-23h15

Samedi      12h00-14h30    18h00-23h15

Dimanche 12h00-14h30    18h00-23h15

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